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GW Supports Corporate Citizenship

Meet Bahareh Sarrami, 2nd year GMBA student


Looking to dance the night away?  It’s that time of the year again to celebrate the 4th Annual Business Gives Back Gala on March 29th to honor corporate citizenship, eat good food, and network with  the amazing GW community.

Business Gives Back is a student-led initiative that celebrates the George Washington School of Business’s past, present, and future commitment to promoting responsible corporate citizenship by fostering partnerships between business, alumni, students, and their communities.  I am honored to be part of this student-led organization that actively participates and volunteers in the community and strives to raise awareness of the issues business leaders face today.

The Annual Gala honors an alumus and a current student who engages in responsible corporate citizenship while exemplifying the ethical leadership fostered by the School of Business. Last year Meradith Leebrick, a first-year GMBA student, was awarded over $3,000 for her dedication and efforts to empower rural Costa Rican communities through innovative educational and social programming.  Another great aspect of the event is that it gives me the opportunity to network with alumni and sponsors, as well future GW MBA students who are in town for Admitted Students’ Weekend.

As someone who is about to enter the workforce, GWSB has not only given me the skills and tools I need to succeed but it has instilled in me the desire and need to work with and for an organization that promotes corporate citizenship.  I’ve been honored to be part of an organization that cares so much of giving back to the community and to the world and I hope that one day, I might be recognized as alumna who has acted ethically and responsibly.

Who would’ve thought making an impact could be so fun?!?

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Women in Business at GW – On the Board

Meet Dr. Susan Kulp, Associate Professor of Accounting and Faculty Director of On The Board


Dr. Susan Kulp sat down with the GWSB MBA Admissions Office to talk about her involvement with ‘On The Board’, an initiative that aims to reshape the business landscape by building a pipeline of women prepared to serve on the boards of leading international companies. Learn more about Dr. Susan Kulp’s publications and work.

Professor Kulp, what is your involvement with the ‘On The Board’ initiative?

Dr. Susan Kulp: I am the Faculty Director and lead contact on the George Washington University side of the GW-IWF partnership. Our main responsibilities are developing program content and managing the 10 days of residency that Fellows spend on GW’s campus.

What future opportunities and synergy do you see for integration between On The Board fellows and female MBA students?

Dr. Susan Kulp: I hope that when the program gains more popularity and recognition, the programming can be taken into the MBA classroom to open more conversation about women leadership. Additionally, in the future we hope we can invite MBA students to select programs that are offered to the Fellows.

Since your tenure at GW, what opportunities or resources have you seen available to women MBA students? What makes GW unique?

Dr. Susan Kulp: Since my time at GW, I have come to understand that the business school targets an equitable amount of men and women in the classroom. We have always had a larger % of women in the classroom compared to peer schools, which results in a larger women alumni network compared to schools of similar size. We also have more women in higher ranks, which means that we have a larger voice.

About On The Board

Developed in partnership with the International Women’s Forum (IWF), On the Board is an elite fellowship program designed to prepare and place women leaders on corporate boards. On the Board promises to reshape the business landscape by building a pipeline of women prepared to serve on the boards of leading international companies. The goal of the program is to be recognized as a major international initiative for advancing women’s executive committee and board leadership. Each year, 15 Fellows are selected and meet in Washington DC three times a year for closed-door training and development sessions with leading faculty, current board directors, coaches, and other experts.

Although more women in the U.S. earn advanced degrees than men and women make 75 percent of purchasing decisions, their representation on corporate boards has stalled at 16 percent for the last decade. More than 1,100 directors currently serving on Fortune 1000 boards are more than 70 years old. With their retirement looming, demand is surging for a new generation of directors. On the Board seeks to ensure that this new generation is gender balanced.  Click here to see an On The Board video.

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Women in Business at GW

Meet Teal Griffey, 1st-year Global MBA student

Teal's Bio Photo-1Make way for new sparkles! That’s the slogan of the Women’s MBA Association’s newest event. By partnering with Suited for Change, a non-profit organization that provides professional attire and career support for low-income and homeless women in the DC area, the Women’s MBA Association will provide jewelry to these women in need through the Valentine’s Jewelry Drive.

This event showcases what I love about the Women’s MBA Association. I’m passionate about women’s empowerment, and this club dedicates itself to helping women make a greater impact in the workplace, break stereotypes, and provide support to others. As President of the Women’s MBA Association, I work with several other dedicated women and make contacts with successful ladies outside the organization. Taking on this leadership role has made me more outgoing, open-minded, and tenacious. However, I couldn’t do it without my hard-working, board of women, which provides unique viewpoints, resources, and friendship.

The Women’s MBA Association is hosting many exciting events this year, including Coffee Chats with prominent female alumni, a TEDtalk speaker event with Joanna Kortik, and a variety of workshops focused on women in the work force and women’s safety.

Each year, GW graduates an amazing group of female MBAs , and this club allows our students and alumni to come together and learn from each other.  Stay up to date on our events through our Facebook group!

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Warming Up with MBA Institute

Meet Edgar Hernandez, 1st-year Global MBA student

As I lay on my couch on the eve of MBA orientation, I started to get that very familiar feeling I get before I embark on a new journey- butterflies in my stomach. It suddenly hit me that I was going to start business school and that this experience was going to be a definitive moment in my life. I thought to myself, “Am I ready for this?” I had just made the biggest investment of my career, and I wanted to make sure that I was ready to give it 110%. Luckily, GW was able to quell my nerves with MBA Institute, a two-week orientation held before the start of classes.  Institute was an opportunity to interact and connect with our classmates all while getting a taste of the opportunities that business school has to offer. It included various panels, workshops, quantitative tutorials and presentations that provided strategies and tips on how to tackle an MBA.  Institute excellently prepared us for our time at GWSB and allowed us to start networking from day one.

For me, the first highlight of Institute was the MBA-in-Action Roundtables, an event that allows current students to speak with GWSB alumni about their professional experiences and the business industry in general. Not only did I get the chance to mingle with my peers over food and drinks, but I also had invigorating conversations with alumni. Another memorable event was the Case Competition sponsored by Pearson.  We were tasked with developing a marketing strategy for the launch of Pearson’s new web-based curriculum and textbook software. After we were divided into our respective teams, we had less than two days to devise a marketing strategy and prepare a presentation for an alumni panel. The three finalists had the opportunity to present their project to Pearson executives. The Case Competition was the culmination of MBA Institute that put to the test everything that we had learned, and gave us a taste of what was yet to come.

Not only did Institute prepare me for academics at GW, but it also provided me an opportunity to build strong relationships with my fellow students.  The level of cooperation and camaraderie that we built in Institute really separates GW’s MBA from other programs. Many of my favorite moments from Institute happened after hours, when we all went to a bar to unwind and talk about our exciting day.

Before starting any workout, it is crucial to warm up to really stretch your muscles and get your body ready for the strenuous exercises you are about to perform. Institute was that warm-up that really prepared me and gave me a surge of adrenaline to approach and tackle the 20-ton barbell that is business school.

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GW Is Global

Meet Nathan Morris, a 2nd-year Global MBA student.

nate morris headshotI decided to attend GW to enhance my professional skills and career.  Additionally, I hoped to further my formal international experience and build an extensive global network.  Given these desires, study abroad and international opportunities weighed heavily in my school selection process.

To achieve my goals of increasing my international exposure, I contacted the GW School of Business Global and Experiential Education Office at the beginning of my first semester to discuss study abroad options.  Working with the staff there (who are wonderful!), I identified both short-term and long-term options that I found interesting.  As a result, in June 2013, I attended a 2-week course on International Economics taught at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.  I am also currently enrolled in a semester-long exchange program in Taipei, Taiwan at National Chengchi University focusing on East Asia Regional Development.  These incredible opportunities have complemented my Consulting Abroad Program (CAP), a required course at the end of your first year that combines GW coursework with substantive consulting experience abroad at a client site.  Through my CAP, I visited India for 2 weeks in May 2013 to work with Mahindra & Mahindra, one of the largest car manufacturers in India.  This combination and variety of study abroad opportunities has truly enriched my MBA experience.

The first year of my MBA was an absolute success, and I loved it!  I was able to complete two amazing study abroad programs and began a third study abroad in September to kick off the second year of my MBA.  I’m currently writing this blog post from Taipei and am just as excited about the coming year as I was for the last year. Next week I have a call with a networking contact about open positions in Hong Kong and Singapore, and I know I would not be as prepared for these opportunities if it wasn’t for such an amazing first year at GW.  I’m looking forward to coming back to Washington, DC in January and spending one final semester with my classmates.  Remember, your MBA experience will be determined by your own effort and attitude, so make the best of it.

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Student Experience – My Internship with ExxonMobil

Meet Christen Thomas, a 2nd-year Global MBA student who interned with ExxonMobil.


When I began applying to MBA programs, I knew that I was looking to change career paths.  After conducting initial research, I decided to focus on Human Resources. Coming from a background in finance and accounting, I was worried that this transition would be difficult. To offset this challenge, I was proactive in my internship search and took advantage of the many career services GWSB provides.

During MBA Institute (the orientation program), I spoke with a Peer Advisor about her internship in Human Resources at ExxonMobil.  Her experience helped me realize that a similar position would benefit me.  A few weeks later, I attended the National Black MBA (NBMBAA) conference, where I met with a recruiter from ExxonMobil. The recruiter was able to connect me with a GW alumnus at the corporation, who ultimately helped me receive an offer for a summer internship!

During my summer at ExxonMobil, I was responsible for three individual projects and one group project. These assignments provided me with my first professional experience in the Human Resource field. In addition to gaining relevant exposure, I gave multiple presentations and improved my public speaking skills. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and learned valuable HR skills. Upon the completion of my internship, I decided to actively pursue Human Capital Consulting as my area of focus. Given the opportunities to work with various clients and perform impactful and strategic work, I knew it was the perfect fit for me.  Thanks in large part to my experiences as an HR Intern at ExxonMobil, I am now serving as a Human Capital Intern with Federal Management Partners.  I am passionate about my work, and I plan to stay in this field after I graduate.

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MBA Admissions and Experience Blog

The members of the MBA Admissions team contribute to the blog with postings about recruitment tours, events, interviews with current students, and insights about the admissions process. The team is composed of:

Christopher Storer, Executive Director
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