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Miguel Lejeune

The following papers authored or co-authored by Miguel Lejeune, assistant professor of decision sciences, have been or are pending publication:

  • “Threshold Boolean Form for Joint Probabilistic Constraints with Random Technology Matrix,” Mathematical Programming. Published online. October 2013. With A. Kogan.
  • “Public Facility Location Using Dispersion, Population, and Equity Criteria,” European Journal of Operational Research. Forthcoming. Published online. October 2013. With R. Batta, S. Prasad.
  • “Construction of Risk-Averse Enhanced Index Funds,” INFORMS Journal of Computing 25 (4), 701-719, September 2013. With G. Samatli-Paç.
  • “Warm-Start Heuristic for Stochastic Portfolio Optimization with Fixed and Proportional Transaction Costs,” Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. Published online. June 2013. With T. Filomena.
  • “Effectiveness-Equity Models for Facility Location Problems on Tree Networks,” Networks. Published online. March 2013. With S. Prasad.
  • “Portfolio Optimization with Combinatorial and Downside Return Constraints,” Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics: Proceedings Volume of the MOPTA 2012 Conference. Forthcoming. Published online. September 2013.
  • “How Supply Chain Competency Affects FDI Decisions: Some Insights,” International Journal of Production Economics. Forthcoming. Published online. February 2013. With P. Bagchi, A. Alam.
  • “Probabilistic Modeling of Multiperiod Service Levels,” European Journal of Operational Research 230, 299-312, June 2013.
  • “Pattern-Based Modeling and Solution of Probabilistically Constrained Optimization Problems,” Operations Research 60 (6), 1356-1372, December 2012.

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