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Leipziger Speaks on African Cities at Forum

Danny Leipziger

Danny Leipziger

Danny Leipziger, professor of international business and managing director of The Growth Dialogue, discussed issues created by burgeoning African cities at the 14th annual World Knowledge Forum this month in Seoul.

Leipziger was part of a panel, “The Secrets of the Creative City,” at the forum, a nonprofit that aims to promote balanced global growth and prosperity through knowledge-sharing.

With a slide show that illustrated sharp contrasts between modern streets and sprawling slums in cities around the world, Leipziger said that Africa’s cities are growing more rapidly than cities elsewhere in the world.

Urban populations in Africa are growing at a rate of 4 percent a year. If that keeps up, the continent will have an urban population of 1.2 billion by 2050 in mega-cities, said Leipziger. A dozen cities will increase by 50% by 2025.

“This would be fine if there were jobs forecast to accompany this growth, or if the countries of the continent had the fiscal resources to handle the influx,” he said.  “Unfortunately, however, Africa is a late urbanizer, and it is doing so at a lower level of per capita income than either Latin America or East Asia. This increases the challenge of urbanization for the continent.”

The Growth Dialogue, housed at GWSB, is a network that promotes economic growth and sustainable development to improve people’s lives worldwide.



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