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GWSB Hosts Tourism and Development Course

Students came from 15 countries to attend a U.N.-backed tourism course hosted by GWSB.

Students came from 15 countries to attend a U.N.-backed tourism course hosted by GWSB.

Students interested in using tourism to promote sustainable development and alleviate poverty around the world are at GWSB this month for a United Nations-backed course.

The two-week long course on “Tourism and International Cooperation for Development” is offered at the School in cooperation with the United Nations World Tourism Organization/Themis Foundation.

This is the third time GWSB has hosted the course in collaboration with UNWTO.

The intensive program is designed to train university graduates and professionals in subject areas related to development and international cooperation through tourism.  UNWTO offers such courses around the world.

Students who complete the intensive course are eligible to become part of UNWTO’s volunteer corps.

At GWSB, 32 students from 15 countries are attending classes and guest lectures and doing a one-day “rapid tourism assessment” of Bristoe Battlefield and the Manassas Museum.  Each student also drafts a proposal for a sustainable tourism project of their choosing.

UNWTO helps member nations develop education and training plans that improve the quality, competitiveness and sustainability of their tourism sectors.





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