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Getting to Know: Kirsten Martin

Kirsten Martin

Kirsten Martin

Job Title:  Assistant professor of strategic management and public policy.

Job Duties:  I research and teach business ethics.

How long have you worked at GW:  One year.

What’s best, so far, about working here:  The colleagues.  All are interesting, intelligent, and care about GW.

What’s something your co-workers do not know about you:  That would ruin the surprise.

Where did you grow up:  Wyomissing, Pa.

Family:  Husband, Pat, and three children (ages 12, 10, and 8).

Any hobbies?  Reading fiction.  It started when I was young and read my dad’s series (Bourne, Bond, etc.)  He had a library of spy novels.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekend:  At the moment, spending way too many hours officiating swim meets.

Favorite vacation spots:  Any beach.

A favorite book:  Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales.

A favorite movie:  Band of Brothers (although technically that’s a miniseries.)

A favorite food:  My kids would say spinach, but I actually would say chocolate.




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