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Students Study Improving Tourism in Seaside Mexican Town

Tourism students on a consulting trip to Campeche, Mexico, show off Mexican hats outside a small business that's renowned locally for its Panama hats.

Tourism students on a consulting trip to Campeche, Mexico, show off Mexican hats outside a small business that’s renowned locally for its Panama hats.

GWSB graduate students in tourism spent part of June in Campeche, Mexico — on the Gulf of Mexico coast — to study how to make the region a more appealing, sustainable tourist destination.

The consulting trip was taken by 17 students in GWSB’s Master of Tourism Administration program and 11 from the Instituto Campechano in Campeche.

The study was “focused on improving the competitiveness of Campeche as a tourism destination,” said Kristin M. Lamoureux, director of the International Institute of Tourism Studies and assistant professor of business and tourism management.

The students identified weaknesses and made recommendations to promote competitive and sustainable tourism that would improve social and economic benefits and minimize negative impacts in the Campeche area.

They looked at aspects of cultural tourism, resident satisfaction with tourism, product development and marketing, and destination management, among other issues, and made a presentation to local tourism and cultural heritage specialists and officials, a member of the Mexican Congress, and the region’s tourism secretary.

Each year, GWSB conducts a tourism practicum in partnership with a local university.  Since 2001, teams have worked in 13 countries. Students do research before traveling for in-country work.

The program is structured as a partnership, with GWSB sending students and faculty support, and local clients providing lodging, meals and transportation.

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