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Brazilian Civil Servants Get Lessons in Economics at GWSB

Brazilian civil servants wrapped up a semester of study through GWSB's Center for Latin American Issues' Minerva program last month.

Brazilian civil servants wrapped up a semester of study through GWSB’s Center for Latin American Issues’ Minerva program last month.

A group of 10 Latin American civil servants completed a semester of training on modern market economies through GWSB’s Center for Latin American Issues (CLAI).  Their program was capped by an April 23 ceremony in which they received certificates and heard from Dean Doug Guthrie.

The Minerva program, named for the Roman goddess of wisdom, is designed to improve public employees’ understanding of economics and finance, both in theory and operation.  It’s primarily aimed at civil servants with responsibility for public finances at the federal, state or local level.

Established by CLAI and a group of Brazilian entrepreneurs in 1994, the program was created for mid-level Brazilian career public servants in an effort to improve the effectiveness of that country’s civil service.  It has since expanded to include other countries, although only Brazilians took part in the most recent course.

So far, the program has graduated over 333 civil servants from Brazil alone. Offered twice a year at GWSB, it covers concepts of economics, finance, economic policy-making and regulation.

The program is funded by a combination of public and private funds from Brazil.


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