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GW Doctors Win 2013 Business Plan Competition

Two doctors, both emergency medicine specialists, won GW’s 2013 Business Plan Competition with a proposal for tools that would allow for improved, intravenous (IV) care for hospital patients.

“Sonostik”  was proposed by Adam Corman, a resident in emergency medicine at GW Hospital, and Neal Sikka, associate professor and director of innovative practice and telehealth services at GW’s Department of Emergency Medicine.  The winners were announced April 19 at GWSB.

Doctors Neal Sikka (L) and Adam Corman (R) won GW's 2013 Business Plan Competition with their idea for Sonostik. At center is Ed Martinez, the duo's mentor.

Doctors Neal Sikka (L) and Adam Corman (R) won GW’s 2013 Business Plan Competition with their idea for Sonostik. At center is Ed Martinez, the duo’s mentor.

Sonostik would create innovative tools for employing ultrasound technology at patients’ bedsides for better IV placement.  Corman said Sonostik would have immediate benefits for patients; he and Sikka are looking for a company to develop a prototype, and plan to invest their prize money in developing the product.

On any given day in the emergency room, Corman says he encounters about five patients who, for a variety of reasons ranging from intravenous drug use, to dehydration, to obesity, are difficult to fit with an IV. But some of those patients desperately need IV delivery of fluids and/or medication.

“The people who need it the most become the most difficult to treat,” said Corman. “That’s where our product comes in.”

Sonostik, said Sikka, modifies the design of IV catheters so they can be inserted into a patient’s arm with just one hand, leaving the other free to use an ultrasound machine.  Also, the entire catheter, not just the tip, would be visible.

“You can confirm the placement,” Sikka said.

Ultimately, the duo would like Sonostik to be developed and assembled into kits for easy bedside access and use in hospitals.

For more on Sonostik, and the other 2013 Business Plan winners, go here.

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