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Digital Marketing Students Build Websites

Who’s got the best website?  GWSB graduate students who have developed their own websites – touting everything from where to salsa dance to where to find creative cocktails in Washington, D.C. — for Stuart Levy’s digital marketing course are competing for “hits.”

The students used tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail blasts, inbound links, and social media campaigns to create and promote their sites.

“Students are gaining tremendous practical experience in the high-growth arena of internet marketing,” said Levy, assistant professor of marketing.

“By taking a hands-on approach in developing, executing and analyzing the success of their own digital marketing campaigns, students are adding to their powerful GWSB toolkit,” he said.  “I am so proud of their effort and enthusiasm.”

At end of the current spring semester, the student who gets the most unique visitors to his or her site will win a gift certificate to Founding Farmers – restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area that are owned by a farm collective and whose development was spearheaded by GWSB alumnus Dan Simons.

Google Analytics is being used to track the success of the students’ websites.

To check out the students’ websites, click the links:

A Bite of China in DC:  Offers reviews, dining tips and cultural backgrounds about Chinese cuisine in the DC area with choices including healthy dim sum, spicy Sichuan cuisine and solid carry out dishes.

A Day with Daddy:  Is based on fun things for dads to do with their kids around the DC area.

Best Cocktail in DC:  Provides recommendations and reviews about the cocktail lounges in the DC area, and includes relevant knowledge of cocktails and mixology.

Bulldog Resource:  The #1 place for all things bulldog, with tips and tricks to help with training your bulldog, as well as the latest accessories, toys, and treats to keep your bulldog healthy and happy.

Campus Eatery Digest:  A restaurant review site for all the dining places on or near the GW Foggy Bottom campus.

Capital Kombucha:  Features everything about kombucha: what it is, where to buy Capital Kombucha, cocktail recipes, event photos and user generated content.

China Hotel Development:  Introduces a historical perspective of Chinese hotel development, a current hotel market analysis, and related risks, challenges, and opportunities.

Data Geek Links:  An informational hub of free resources to teach beginners in data mining and predictive analytics.

DC Downtown Happy Hour:  Features the happy hour of bars and restaurants in the DC downtown area.

DC Fitness:  A fitness-focused website that offers daily workouts as well as general information on training and possible workouts to do around DC.

DC Photo Fans:  Helpful information about DC area classes, places to take great photos, and useful tips.

DC Salsa Enthusiast:  A one-stop web site page to find salsa lessons, salsa dance supply stores, salsa performances, and places to dance salsa socially.

Dine Green Washington DC:  Helps consumers find green restaurants as well as learn about sustainable restaurant properties, healthy food, and the Dine Green concept.

DMV Runs:  Offers readers information about some of the most popular running routes in the DMV area as well as resources to get connected with other runners

Eat In Mumbai:  Provides a list of the best restaurants, fast-food joints, cafes and caterers in Mumbai based on the ‘Awesometer’, which uses customer feedback and reviews to evaluate Mumbai eateries.

Girl Skincare Tips:  Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty products for girls from 20-25 years old.

Good Place For Vacation:  Provides the most valuable attractions along the US east coast for international students.

Gourmet of Beijing:  Introducing you to the yummy yummy traditional Beijing food world, including Beijing roast duck, traditional noodles with bean paste, Beijing copper hot pot and Beijing snacks.

HotelSchoolMaster:  A bilingual (Chinese and English) website for international  students who want more information about US hospitality management graduate programs.

How to Dress in College:  Interesting tips and facts for both male and female college students on how to dress nicer.

Hungry Hispanic DC:  Features traditional Hispanic restaurants in Adams Morgan and highlights popular dishes and traditional cuisine from Mexico, Spain, Peru and Colombia.

MBA GMAT Score:  Provides insight about GMAT score requirements of MBA programs in the United States and the rest of the world.

Part Time MBA Degree:  Shares personal insights to help potential applicants understand and evaluate MBA programs.

PhotogTravels:  Focuses on tips the website creator learned while shooting photographs and planning trips.

Plants for Apartments:  Covers choosing the best kinds of houseplants to own in apartments with low light or small spaces, low-cost ways to care for plants and brighten the space with plant life, and gardening centers in the DC area.

Riding Ireland Tips:  As preparing for a horseback riding vacation in Ireland can be tricky, intense, and exciting, you’ll find unique tips and perspectives about where to go, what to pack, and what to expect from a fellow rider and traveler.

Southern Restaurants in DC:  Features the best places to eat a southern dish in DC and features key dishes for each restaurant listed.

Southwest Montana Vacations:  Covers tourism information for the Pintler Scenic Route in Southwestern Montana, and discusses the history, suggested activities for all seasons, great lodging, best eats, and hidden gems from a local’s standpoint.

Sushi 4 Newbies:  A sushi beginners guide that teaches first-timers how to eat sushi.

Sustainable Hotel Tips:  Offers consumers information and resources to help better understand sustainability in the lodging industry, as well as things to look for when choosing a responsible hotel.

Team Capital Vision:  An informational page on the products and the business we offer through my team of AdvoCare direct salesmen and women based here at GW.

The Best of Brooklyn:  Updates local residents and visitors of Brooklyn, NY on local hot spots to dine, have drinks, or enjoy a great dessert and other menu must-haves, with locations featured by neighborhood.

Thrifty District:  Here to help you find the best bar specials in Washington, D.C.

Travel for Hotels:  Compares different membership benefits among several major hotel groups, helping travelers (especially business travelers) with tips on seasonal promotions, time-limited offers, and how to best utilize your membership credit.

Travel in South America:  Allows adventurous and responsible travelers looking for authentic experiences to plan their next trip to South America, including information on top destinations, itineraries, booking accommodations and related tips.

Travel to Bama:  Introduces Bama, a small Chinese county in Guangxi Autonomous Region, and provides interesting introduction on tourism sites, local culture and food to backpackers from Western countries.

Where to Stay Boston:  Aims to help sports travelers find the right places to stay in the metro Boston area and is especially helpful for fans traveling with the away teams and are unfamiliar with the area.

Vehicle Voltage:  A one-stop shop for news and information about the electric car industry.

Visit the Kingdom:  Introduces different interesting aspects of Saudi Arabia by educating the visitor about the Kingdom’s history, culture, food and festivals.

Your Music Your Culture:  Gathers information regarding Portuguese music, culture and history for people looking to broaden their musical landscape.





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