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George Solomon, Ayman El Tarabishy

GWSB faculty, students and staff took part in the 23rd annual United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) conference held earlier this year in San Francisco.

GWSB’s and its Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE) had nine members presenting, attending or assisting with the conference, including: George Solomon, associate professor of management, CFEE co-director and past president of the USASBE; Ayman El Tarabishy, associate teaching professor and executive director, of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB); Paul Swiercz, professor of management; John Rollins, director of the GW Business Plan Competition; Sergio D’Onofrio, director of academic scheduling; Michael Battaglia, vice president of operations for the ICSB; Kevin May, doctoral fellow in the Department of Management; Mary Chang, administrative director of the Department of Management; and Katelyn Wohlford, CFEE graduate research assistant.

Faculty participated in three workshops: “Innovation and Creativity: The Keys to Entrepreneurship,” chaired by El Tarabishy; “Past-Forward: The Evolution of Entrepreneurship Education,” chaired by Solomon; and “Online Learning Excellence (OLE): Why Online Learning Has Yet to Explode,” chaired by El Tarabishy.

Faculty and doctoral students presented papers as follows: Reconsidering Scrooge: Selfish Management or Self-Management? Emotional Self-Management, Employee Benefit Offerings and Firm Growth among Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot 500 (Jae Kang, co-author, May, presenter and co-author, and Jeewhan Yoon, co-author); The Moderating Effects of Value Systems on the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Firm Performance (May and Solomon, presenters and co-authors).

CFEE also sponsored the nationally award-winning “3E Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Competition”coordinated by May and Battaglia.  Rollins and Solomon served as judges.

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