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Chinese Students Learn U.S. Ways through Program at GWSB

Students from China have fun at a Wizards game at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The students came to GWSB for three weeks to learn about U.S. culture, business practices, politics and education. (Photo by Abby Greenawalt)

Students from China’s Fudan and Nanjing universities spent three weeks at GWSB learning about U.S. society – a trip that concluded with an outing to the Washington Wizards professional basketball game last week.

The students, mostly undergraduates, took part in the new three-week GWSB Winter Program in D.C. for Chinese students. Scheduled during the Chinese winter holiday, the program is designed to provide perspectives on U.S. society – including details as basic as dining with western-style cutlery and place settings.

The students learned about applying for graduate school and seeking employment in the United States, and attended seminars that explored economic, political and business issues while striving to improve cross-cultural awareness.

Undergrads from two Chinese universities share a laugh at a Wizards basketball game, the culmination of three weeks of cross-cultural study at GWSB.

Undergrads from two Chinese universities have fun on a basketball outing after finishing three weeks of cross-cultural study at GWSB. (Photo by Abby Greenawalt)

The visit included off-campus tours of national sites, such as the U.S. Capitol, and private businesses.  The students were assigned GW mentors to answer questions, help them engage with GW students, and accompany them on social and entertainment outings such as shopping and sporting events.


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