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Getting To Know: David J. Ruda

David J. Ruda

David J. Ruda

Job title:  Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs

Job duties:  I work closely with our First Year Development Program (FYDP) on course content. I work with Advising Center staff to implement many of the undergraduate programs.  Right now, we are working on a social entrepreneurship project for all students in FYDP that is really exciting.  I also meet with many leaders in the School to discuss how we can support their efforts.

How long have you worked at GW:  Four-and-a-half years; I moved to D.C. in June of 2008, and this June will mark my five-year GW anniversary.

What’s best, so far, about working here:  Throughout my time at GW, the quality of professionals I have been fortunate to work with has impressed me. I have always felt blessed to be around people who inspire me to challenge the status quo and work hard.  Also, I really enjoy the students I work with:  they are motivated, dynamic and determined to exceed expectations.

What’s something your co-workers do not know about you:  I studied abroad in Spain during summer of 2005, and I traveled to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls. Sadly, I did not actually run with the bulls that weekend; I just chilled with friends and watched others run because I didn’t think there was any safe space to run with the bulls in the street.

Where did you grow up:  Canton, Ohio.

Family:  My mother and father reside in Canton, where I grew up. My mother is a kindergarten teacher and my father is in sales and marketing. My sister is four years younger, lives in Cleveland, and manages the office and coordinates event planning for a data management company.  (The company found her on LinkedIn when they were setting up office in Cleveland; that really does happen!)

Any hobbies?  I really enjoying running and staying active.  I enjoy exploring D.C. and trying new types of food with my two roommates. Also, I am doctoral student in counseling, so I don’t have much free time, but I do make the most of the time I have.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekend:  Traveling to see friends and family.

Favorite vacation spots:  Jamaica.  I haven’t been in a while and need to go back.

A favorite book:  The World According to Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin.  I am very interested in how nutritious the food we consume is, and how that has changed over time.

A favorite movie:  Twister. (I know, you are thinking, “Really?  How could he really like Twister as a movie?”)

A favorite food:  Oysters on the half shell – the best appetizer.


Phone:  202-994-8313



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