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Getting To Know: Christopher Fitch

Christopher Fitch

Job title: International Student Liaison

Job duties: I work collaboratively with the International Education and Programs team to design and implement programs for international students, provide continued support for international students at GWSB, and develop and maintain relationships with the University offices that serve GWSB’s international student population.

How long have you worked at GW: Over four months.

What’s best, so far, about working here: Working with the international students at GWSB and helping them succeed.

What’s something your co-workers do not know about you: I am an obsessive Bob Marley fan.

Where did you grow up: Elmira, in upstate New York.

Family: I am engaged to my fiancé, Anastasia, and we hope to be getting married very soon.

Any hobbies? Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, martial arts, weight lifting, dancing (no matter how much of a fool I look like), going on adventures around the world, good food, reading, watching good movies, going to live shows, many different genres of music, learning languages and cultures … I have a lot of hobbies.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekend: Relaxing.

Favorite vacation spots: Doesn’t really matter on the place so much as the company you keep.

A favorite book: Of Mice and Menby John Steinbeck.

A favorite movie: This is a difficult question as there are so many good movies and this question’s answer is ultimately dictated by the mood I am in. Today, I’m going to say Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino

A favorite food: Smoked salmon.


Phone: 202-994-2648


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