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Robert J. Weiner

Robert J. Weiner

Robert J. Weiner, professor of international business, public administration and public policy, and international affairs, and an oil industry analyst, spoke at the International Press Institute’s Oil, Gas and Media Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan, from Sept. 17-19.  Weiner took part in the panel session, “Risk and Reward – Who is underwriting today’s increasingly complicated and costly ventures?”

Weiner’s research interests include energy security; oil and corruption; petroleum fiscal vulnerability; dynamics of energy crises; foreign investment in the Russian petroleum industry; oil speculation and market turbulence; and privatization and the behavior of state-owned enterprises in the world petroleum market.

Weiner has advised U.S. government agencies, international institutions, financial services providers, oil companies, the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), the U.S. Department of Energy and the World Bank.

He is the author or co-author of four books: Energy and Environment; Oil Shock; Oil and Money; and Oil Markets in a Turbulent Era.

For more on the conference, see its Facebook page.

Weiner gave a presentation at the annual meeting of the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economists (CREE) in Vancouver, “Do International Investment Agreements Protect Investment?” Research on the topic was conducted jointly with Srividya Jandhyala, assistant professor of international business.

Weiner visited the University of Alberta Business School, where he gave a seminar entitled, “Do Managers Carry the Flag? Evidence from Foreign Resource Acquisition.” Work on that topic was done jointly with Yujin Jeong, who received his doctorate from GWSB in 2010.

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