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Students Help Market Jazz to Young Listeners

Professional MBA students were cited by the Jazz Academy of Music for their winning marketing plans. From left to right are Karmen Carr of the Academy, students Ryan Douglass, Joshua Ayers, Amanda Snotto and Misty Ferguson, Prof. Salah Hassan, and students Jennifer Grisham and Tim Galginaitis.

A jazz music organization awarded two teams of Professional MBA students at GWSB for developing winning marketing plans aimed at building a younger audience for its next jazz music festival in Rockville, Md.

The Jazz Academy of Music Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Silver Spring, Md., that is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of jazz music through education and outreach, sought the School’s help in improving the marketing for the next Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, scheduled for Feb. 15-18, 2013.

The academy provides instrumental and vocal jazz music instruction for youth, ages 8 to 18, as well as producing the yearly festival.

Karmen Carr, the academy’s vice president of business affairs, presented awards on Sept. 21 to the top two teams of students who developed integrated marketing plans for the festival as part of a course on marketing decisions taught by Salah Hassan, professor of marketing.

Carr said the academy was “extremely appreciative” of the relationship it developed with the School’s Department of Marketing  in support of the festival.

“We are challenged to advance and preserve America’s classic music – jazz – as the audience is getting older and older,” Carr said. “The marketing plans presented by the student groups  contained creative marketing strategies and tactics to attract a younger audience, many of which we are already starting to incorporate.”

Students on the winning “Be True To Your Name” first-place team, who split a $1,000 award, included Ryan Douglass, Josh Etter, Tim Galginaitis, Jennifer Grisham, Laetitia Lukanda, and Tyler Walverton.

Students on the second-place “I am Jazz” team, who will receive free admission to the festival, included Aziz Buranchiev, Rodrigo Bricerion, Joshua Ayers, Misty Ferguson, Todd Johnston, and Amanda Snotto.

Hassan said the marketing plans, which were evaluated by a panel of judges, included recommendations; implementation schedules; timetables; and suggested media outlets for publicizing the festival.  Among the teams’ recommendations:  redesigning the festival website to simplify ticketing; providing links to social media for purchasing tickets;  and offering lower prices to students and families, including giving free admission to children ages 10 and under.

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