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White House Seeks More Educational Data Ideas

Following its summer “Data Jam” event at GWSB, the White House is putting out a call for more ideas on how open educational data might be put to use in creating new applications, services and products.

Those wishing to contribute ideas can send them via email to this address.

“If you’ve already got a great product, service, or application that uses open educational data, let us know!” said an advisory released by White House staff for U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park, who attended the “Data Jam” at the School.

The “Data Jam” event was held as part of the Obama administration’s Education Data Initiative, which is an effort to find new uses for government and voluntarily-contributed, non-government, education-related data while protecting privacy.

At the event, experts brainstormed, generating such ideas as creating:

  • a “college and career pathway” planner based in students’ individual interests and performance.
  • a “Kayak-type” meta-search engine for students evaluating different colleges, with search results customized based on individual financial aid data.
  • a “students like me” recommendation tool to assist students in finding the right college based on program information, learning preferences, affordability, and location.

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