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Renmin Dean Accompanies Chinese Students to GWSB

Professor Zhang (left) and Dean Chen (center) escorted Chinese graduate students to GWSB this month. Here they are pictured with GW Deans Lynn Goldman (School of Public Health & Health Services), Jeffrey Akman (School of Medicine and Health Sciences), Peg Barratt (Columbia College of Arts & Sciences), Doug Guthrie (GWSB), and Paul Schiff Berman (School of Law).

Yongjung Chen, dean of Renmin University of China International College, came to GWSB last week to escort the first cohort of Chinese students in the Master of Science in Finance program.  Dean Doug Guthrie welcomed them in their native Mandarin.

Chen was joined by Suling Zhang, associate professor of management at Renmin.

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) China program is offered jointly by GWSB and Renmin for Chinese students with aptitude for studying and working in finance in China.  The program combines aspects of financial engineering and master’s in finance programs, and builds upon a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or other quantitative disciplines.

It delivers the same curriculum as the regular two-year MSF Program at GWSB but is customized for Chinese students. Those who successfully complete the program requirements will receive an MSF degree from GWSB as well as a certificate in financial training from RUC-IC.


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