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I2P2 Looks at Public-Private Financing

The Innovative Infrastructure Partnership Project (I2P2) at the School’s Institute for Corporate Responsibility (ICR) is examining how managers can better initiate and run public/private partnerships (P3s).

I2P2 is conducting research and outreach on the applicability of the P3 financing strategy to address the region’s infrastructure needs. The idea is that a better understanding of P3 applications on the part of public managers would help leverage private financing – which, in turn, could speed community and economic development.

The I2P2, which began earlier this summer, brings together faculty and students from the Schools of Business, Engineering and Science, and Public Policy and Public Administration, for P3 research with other partners.

John Forrer

At GWSB, the lead researcher is John Forrer, associate research professor of strategic management and public policy and the ICR’s associate director, who said the GW researchers will be working with Booz Allen Hamilton, a management and technology consulting firm, among others.

“This idea of private investment in public infrastructure has been kicking around for awhile,” said Forrer, who has done research in the area.  The I2P2, he said, will merge the issue of financing infrastructure with the public policy and engineering aspects of building roads, bridges, water systems, and more.

“One of our goals is to do the research and develop the materials and do the analysis to help public managers make good decisions,” Forrer said.  “We certainly need the investment in infrastructure.”

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