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GWSB and Citibank Team up on Global Banking for MBAs

Against a backdrop of the global financial crisis, Citibank and GWSB are offering a new practicum in which MBA students are presented with a real-world banking problem and challenged to come up with a solution in six weeks.

The Citibank Global Banking Practicum – offered this summer at the School – marks the first time such a consulting course is being offered domestically.  It’s designed for students to become intimately familiar with global banking and give them an opportunity to showcase their skills to a major global bank.

The practicum focuses on the fastest-growing sector in global banking – Global Transaction Services.  A team of Citibank officials came to GWSB to present students with a current critical problem they are facing in that sector, given the global financial crisis, and global and domestic regulatory changes.

Student groups have six weeks to come up with viable, cost-effective solutions.  The class will conclude at Citibank headquarters in New York, where the groups will make their presentations before bank officials.

Scheherazade Rehman

They will be graded by those officials in concert with their professors:  Scheherazade Rehman, the Steve Ross Professorial Fellow of International Finance and director of the European Union Research Center, who previously has worked as a global foreign exchange trader for a bank; and Anoma Kulathunga, an adjunct professor of international finance and World Bank financial sector consultant who is the practicum’s special assistant director.

You can read more about the Citibank practicum in GW Today.


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