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GWSB Graduate Students To Collect Data for D.C. Mayor’s Initiative

Seven first-year MBA students from GWSB have been selected to work on a five-year Economic Development Strategy for Washington, D.C., that Dean Doug Guthrie will help oversee.

“Together, they (the students) will help us survey our industry-sector leaders and identify opportunities … to catalyze economic development and generate jobs,” said Mayor Vincent C. Gray in a statement.

The strategy, which will be shaped by input from local business and academic leaders as well as by the students’ research, is intended to be a roadmap for creating jobs and developing businesses in the District.  It is scheduled to be completed this fall.

Altogether, 16 MBA students from American, Georgetown, GW and Howard universities are working on the project. They will conduct research over the summer and make recommendations for creating jobs in the public and private sectors in the District of Columbia.

“We pride ourselves at being at the intersection of business and society and the intersection of business and policy,” said Guthrie, who is a member of the Strategy Advisory Group overseeing the development of the economic plan.

“Working on this project really brings this mission to light for our students,” said Guthrie, speaking at a luncheon earlier this month announcing the strategy.


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