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Growth Dialogue Hosts Summit of International Economic Experts

Anders Borg, Swedish minister of finance, and Danny Leipziger, managing director of the Growth Dialogue at GWSB, at Bellagio on Lake Como.

The Growth Dialogue, the economic think tank headquartered at GWSB, hosted a high-level gathering at the prestigious Rockefeller estate on the shores of Lake Como in Bellagio, Italy.  The two-day event, The Bellagio Conference on New Growth Paradigms, was chaired by Nobel laureate Mike Spence and co-chaired by Danny Leipziger, professor of international business and managing director of The Growth Dialogue.  The symposium brought together leading academics, policymakers and thinkers to discuss how to tackle the challenge of generating economic growth in the current economic environment and the future.

Attending the conference were: ministers of finance from Sweden and South Africa, former Korean Prime Minister Han Duck Soo; Dean Laura Tyson of the Haas School at Berkeley; Professors Aghion of Harvard and Mundell and Svejnar of Columbia; thinkers from Chile, India, Colombia, Ghana; and the heads of leading think tanks in Canada, China, the U.S. and South Africa, as well as other leading academics and policymakers.

The Growth Dialogue will soon issue a Bellagio white paper, which will be available on its Web site.

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