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Global MBA candidates enjoy a meal in Mumbai, India.

The Consulting Abroad Project (CAP) is built into the first-year curriculum of all GWSB Global MBA candidates.  In the spring semester, students complete an academic component at GWSB, which is immediately followed by a two-week overseas trip during which candidates work directly with their international clients in country.  This year, students are traveling to Brazil, India, Peru, Rwanda, Sweden and Turkey.

Several Global MBA candidates are providing detailed updates online about their experiences at the “Writers in Residency” blog.  What follows is a sample of some their reports from the field.

Gregory Butler, MBA, ’13, explains the mission of the Sweden CAP teams:

“Our Consulting Abroad Project (CAP) revolves around assisting three firms seeking to expand the Swedish presence in the United States, specifically in the U.S. clean technology market.  Our task?  Develop a U.S. market-entry strategy for each company’s core products.  GWSB MBA students have been divided into three teams, with each team assigned to a specific company as a client.”

Troy Finnegan, MBA, ’13, shares the following about getting ready for a residency in India:

“Not sure when the last time you received immunizations is, but wow – I couldn’t lift my left arm for almost three days (tetanus shot will do that to you).  The nurse who was administering said shot, mentioned she’d seen a lot of GMBA students over the past week.  I couldn’t help but ask if any of the men got freaked out and wouldn’t cooperate.  She started cracking up, and though she wouldn’t give any names, said that there were one or two.”

Jaydeep Thakkar, MBA, ’13, reports on the hard work put in by the Turkey CAP teams to complete their assignments:

“We are now getting closer to experiencing the best part about the Consulting Abroad Program, which is getting an opportunity to implement the concepts that we learnt throughout our first-year in the MBA Program.  It tests our ability to implement those theories that we learnt in a classroom, while trying to solve real-world problems.”

Follow these and other Global MBA candidates online, as they file regular updates from around the world.

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