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Professor Speaks on Saving Behavior in the Developing World

Contrary to popular thinking, as poverty increases in some societies, so does the tendency of people to save money, according to the findings of a Villanova University researcher who spoke April 16 at GWSB.

The Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Chairholder and Professor of Marketing and Business Law at Villanova University, Ronald Paul Hill, presented his paper, “Multilevel Antecedents and Moderators of Saving Behavior in the Developing World,” as part of the Department of Marketing’s seminar series on market research.

Hill analyzed conditions that affect the saving habits of 45,415 consumers in 34 poor societies.

Among his other findings:  self-motivation has its limits when it comes to saving.  That is, it doesn’t work for individuals who are in extreme poverty or in a very low social position.

Ronald Paul Hill of Villanova University spoke at GWSB on the factors that influence people in poorer societies to save money.

“If you are below that threshold, nothing can sustain you,” Hill said. “Life is just so brutish and so difficult, no `higher order’ psychological perspective can work.” To stimulate saving behavior, people must first be assured that they will have consistent access to basic commodities, he said.

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