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If It’s April, It Must Be Financial Literacy Month

The School’s Financial Literacy Seminar Series continued this month — Financial Literacy Month — with a look at financial literacy around the world presented by Annamaria Lusardi, director of the Financial Literacy Center and the Denit Trust Distinguished Scholar of Economics and Accountancy.

Lusardi presented a paper, “Financial Literacy Around the World:  an Overview,” on April 11 at GWSB.

Annamaria Lusardi, the Denit Trust Distinguished Scholar of Economics and Accountancy at GWSB, spoke last week on financial literacy around the world.

There are three more seminars scheduled during the spring term.

Congress has recognized April as National Financial Literacy Month in an effort to improve awareness and understanding of personal financial issues so people make better financial decisions.

The seminar series, a joint initiative of GWSB and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, was launched to bring together academics, policy makers, and other experts to present and discuss the latest research on financial literacy.

For more on Financial Literacy Month:

For more on the School’s Fall 2011/Spring 2012 seminar series, including links to the papers and video of the presentations:



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