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Bernanke Concludes Lecture Series at GWSB

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke lecturing at GWSB in March.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke concluded his guest appearances before a GWSB undergraduate class last week, capping a series of lectures that drew widespread media coverage.

“It’s been great,” said Timothy S. Fort, the Lindner-Gambal professor of Business Ethics, who developed the class on the role of the Federal Reserve Bank in the nation’s economic history to accommodate Bernanke, who delivered four lectures to the class.

“It’s great PR,” said Fort, interim Dean for Undergraduate Programs and the former chairman of the Department of Strategic Management and Public Policy. Fort developed the course after the Fed contacted him with news of Bernanke’s interest in lecturing.

“Our students looked great, and they took away an understanding of the financial system far more profound than they’d ever had before,” they said.

Bernanke’s appearances at GWSB were covered by financial and mainstream media, as well as on many websites and blogs.

In his lectures, Bernanke traced the history of the central bank from the financial panics of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that led to its founding, in 1913, through the Great Depression, World War II and the 2008 financial crisis. He used PowerPoint for his presentations and took questions from students.

Fort said Bernanke’s appearance illustrated how the School’s Washington, D.C., location can be harnessed to great advantage.

The class will continue through the spring term with guest professors from throughout the university, including the Law School and the Elliott School of International Affairs.
The Fed has made video of Bernanke’s lectures available on its website. To view the lectures:

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