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Professor’s Book Looks at Growth after Recession

A new book co-edited by Danny Leipziger, professor of international business and manager director of The Growth Dialogue housed at GWSB, examines how to promote post-recession economic growth.

Ascent After Decline: Regrowing Global Economies After the Great Recession, edited by Leipziger and Otaviano Canuto, vice president for Poverty Reduction & Economic Management at the World Bank, was launched this month.

In wake of the recession of 2007-09 that left economies around the world struggling with unemployment and debt, the book, which was published by the World Bank, assembles views from more than a dozen scholars on the global economic outlook and how policy choices will impact regrowth.

“The outlook for global economic growth after the crisis has dimmed, and this has adverse implications not only for the future of growth in rich countries, but also for the options facing poor countries,” said Leipziger. “The basic premise of the book is that much more effort will be required to rekindle and maintain growth going forward — namely, that the task has gotten more difficult.”

Leipziger served as vice president and head of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network and in other managerial positions in the World Bank. He has authored books on the Republic of Korea, Chile, banking crises, globalization and the middle class, and has published widely in development economics.

The Growth Dialogue is a network that connects policymakers, researchers and others interested in economic growth.

For a description of the book click here.

To download the book, read it on-line or buy a hard copy.

Marcelo Giugale, sector director, Poverty Reduction & Economic Management, Africa Region, World Bank; Otaviano Canuto, vice president, Povery Reduction & Economic Management, World Bank; and Danny Leipziger, managing director of the Growth Dialogue and professor of international business at GWSB, at a March 12 event that launched a book co-edited by Leipziger and Canuto.

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