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Getting to Know: Yash Singh

Job title: Web Strategy Manager.

Job duties: I am tasked with designing and writing software for the School’s website. I will be building interactive applications to encourage discussion of issues relevant to the School.

How long have you worked at GW: 18 days.

What’s best, so far, about working here: The opportunity to study and validate some of my opinions on the foundations of the economy and how politics and business intersect.

Where did you grow up: I was born and raised all over India. My father was a colonel in the Indian Army, so we moved around a lot.

Family: I live here with my wife, Sandy. My parents and extended family are in India.

Hobbies: If I could, I would spend all my waking hours reading and weightlifting.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekend:I’m a candidate for a master’s degree in Soil and Water Science at the University of Florida, so I spend my time working on my thesis: building hydroelectric power plants in Central Asia.

Yash Singh

Favorite vacation spots: Karakorum mountains, Alps.

A favorite book: Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche; The Republic by Plato.

A favorite movie: “Gladiator;” “Alexander the Great.”

A favorite food: Milk


Phone: 202-994-2071

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