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Getting To Know: Dustin Carnevale

Job title: Associate Director of Media Relations

Job duties: It is my responsibility to develop an overarching external communications strategy with an emphasis on media relations, social networking and new media. I am the primary media contact for the School and arrange interviews and prepare faculty when necessary. Through collaboration with the deans, department heads and faculty, I identify key messages and core competencies to promote to the media to enhance the School’s public profile.

Time at GW: About two and a half months.

Best part of working at GWSB: Being part of something bigger than me. Working with smart, innovative people who are trying to promote positive change in how tomorrow’s leaders are prepared for the challenges ahead. And of course, my co-workers.

What co-workers do not know about me: Most things, since I am so new. Working to change that.

Family: They live in North Carolina, where I grew up.

Favorite things to do on the weekend: Ride, run, hike. Be outdoors.

Favorite vacation spots: Places with mountains. Colorado is special to me.

Favorite book: Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and The Durable Future by Bill McKibben.


Phone: 202.994.3674

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