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GWSB Launches New Mentoring Program with D.C. High School

GWSB students will be teamed with Anacostia High School students and local business professionals through a new mentoring program launched through a partnership between the school and the D.C. Public School system.

The 2+2 Mentor Program will be organized in groups of four consisting of two high school students, a GWSB student and a member of the business community.  The goal is to give sophomore, juniors or seniors insight into different stages of business careers so they are encouraged to consider their own potential career paths and professional possibilities.

For GWSB students, the program offers a chance to impart knowledge and develop mentoring skills while also receiving guidance and insights from the program’s volunteers in the business and policy world.

“We wanted a mentorship program that would go beyond and stand out as an opportunity for our business students, for high school students, as well as for alumni and the corporate community,” said Dean Doug Guthrie. “This is about being embedded in the community and looking for ways to inspire future generations of business leaders.”

GWSB students are responsible for developing curricula for personal development plans, to be created by the high school students, and a series of workshops on such topics as financial literacy and social entrepreneurship.  They are to connect with the high schoolers they are mentoring at least three times each month, in addition to attending workshops.

Posted by gwsb on November 8, 2011 | Filed under: GWSB News.

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  1. I would like very much to work with this mentorship program as I have extensive experience with youth entrepreneurship and mentorship programs in DC and MD junior and high schools.

    Please let me know how I can be involved.

    Comment by Margaret V. Wright, GW Graduate — November 28, 2011 @ 1:35 pm

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