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GWSB Students Take Part in Constructive Entrepreneurship Event


“Max” Chen, sophomore, and Nick Dutton, junior, at Athgo International’s Climate Change and Constructive Entrepreneurship Conference, hosted by the World Bank.

Earlier this month, MBA candidates Michael J. Battaglia and Jad Zakhour, junior Nicholas Dutton and sophomore Zixiang “Max” Chen attended Athgo International’s Climate Change and Constructive Entrepreneurship Conference at the World Bank in Washington, D.C.  Ayman El Tarabishy, research professor of management and executive director of the International Council for Small Business, provided guidance and helped prepare the students for the event.

The conference, which was organized with the goal of inciting individual action and engagement in climate change affairs through constructive entrepreneurship, brought together 100 young people from around the world “to facilitate candid outcome-oriented dialogue” with international corporate executives, diplomats and experts.  Naila Chowdhury, CEO of Grameen Solutions Ltd., was among the notables participating in the conference.

The students were divided into groups assigned to work on model business plans.  The three best plans received development grants.  Chen’s group was tasked with developing a business plan to empower women in rural Cambodia.  Although none of the GWSB teams finished in the top three, Chen said that the experience was worthwhile.  “We can all say that we learned some invaluable lessons,” he said.

“Prior to the conference, I thought of entrepreneurship as some difficult, complicated process that was too advanced for me to fathom,” Chen added. “But at the conference, we had some of today’s best entrepreneurs sitting right next to us.  We were able to tap them on the shoulder, and then ask questions about our business plans.  They had so much helpful advice and their personal stories were incredibly motivating.”

Athgo International is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization dedicated to empowering young people with the tools, knowledge and support needed to conceive, develop and launch constructive entrepreneurial ventures.  The organization operates programs in the United States, Europe and Asia that promote cutting-edge innovations that maximize financial as well as socio-economic and environmental returns.

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