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Career Center Prepares Industry Experts to Teach Innovative Course

“Customizing the curriculum”– the Career Center’s Kathleen Duffy (left) and Peter West (standing, right) lead a team of industry professionals in an orientation session for a new, required, for-credit career management course; one of the instructors, Bryan Erwin (center) of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, takes notes.

Instructors for a new course, Career Management Strategy, spent much of Aug. 18 in preparation for the formal launch of the for-credit course, required for all juniors, beginning this semester.  The F. David Fowler Career Center’s Kathleen Duffy, associate director of undergraduate career management services, and Peter West, career consultant, conducted the five-hour preparatory session, covering the class schedule, syllabus and curriculum.

Designed and developed by the Career Center in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Programs, the course has been available as a non-credit elective since fall 2009.  Enhanced and fine-tuned over the last two years, the new course teaches the latest career management strategies, methods and procedures in an academically rigorous framework.  Students learn about all aspects of career development, including job search strategies and formulation of a career management plan, with practice in producing a resume and interviewing.

A number of factors set apart the GWSB course from similar programs at other universities.    “Few schools have a career management course, fewer have a for-credit course, fewer still have a required course – and none at all have a course taught in distinct sections, tailored by specific industry,” said Gil Yancey, the Career Center’s executive director.

Yancey and his staff recruited an impressive team of experienced instructors to teach the course.  The professors teaching the inaugural semester of BADM 3001 are:

  • Bryan Erwin, former Goldman Sachs vice president and current director of the Advocacy Center in the International Trade Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce, teaches a section on careers in finance;
  • Christine Fruehwirth, former Wachovia vice president, current president of FlexCareers Consulting, and FDFCC career consultant, teaches a section on finance;
  • Lisa Delpy Neirotti, GWSB associate professor of sport management and tourism, teaches a section on careers in sport, event and hospitality management;
  • Bob Osmond, partner, IBM U.S. Federal Team, teaches two sections on careers in consulting;
  • Nicolette Pizzitola, former investor relations manager with Time Warner, current CEO, Compass Point Associates, and FDFCC career consultant, teaches a section on general career management strategy; and
  • Christie Susko, immediate past president of the American Marketing Association and current president of Go2Market, teaches a section on marketing.

Seven sections of the course are scheduled for the fall semester, with approximately 30 students per section.  Osmond, who will teach two sections for students seeking careers in consulting, said that he thought the course was “very visionary” and is a potential “game changer” for way universities provide career education and career counseling.

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