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Getting to Know: Meredith Hulley

Name:  Meredith Hulley

Job title:  Executive Assistant, Master of Science in Finance Program

Job duties:  Coordinate program admissions (with the help of my awesome and incredibly capable co-worker, Vanessa Fontana), act as an International Services Office representative, function as academic advisor and basically answer any and all questions for current or incoming students.

Time at GW:  I started as the MSF’s senior secretary in January 2010 and moved to my current position last July.

Best part of working at GWSB:  The tuition benefits! (I’m getting my master’s in strategic public relations.)  But really, I love meeting students from all over the world and helping them adjust to GW.

What co-workers do not know about me:  I’m a huge New York Mets fan and for spring break of my third year of college, I drove to spring training by myself to follow the team around Florida and watch them play.  I saw eight games in seven days, burned my skin to a lobster red, and had an absolute blast!

Family: My parents live in Clifton, Va.  My dad is a retired naval aviator who now works at the Pentagon, and my mom works part-time.  I have a sister who is an attorney in Alexandria and a brother who just graduated from VCU in Richmond.

Favorite things to do on the weekend:  Read the travel section in The Washington Post and plan where I want to go on my next vacation.

Favorite vacation spots:  I rarely go to the same place twice, but I love going to Charlottesville, Va., where I went to college.

Favorite book:  Ever since I learned to read, I’ve read constantly, so I have lots of favorites. My all-time favorite is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I also love The Dresden Files, Artemis Fowl and The Lord of the Rings.


Phone: x48881

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