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Panel: Entrepreneurial Women Can Help Save Economy

Left to Right: Shelly Porges, Ana Recio Harvey and Amy M. Wilkinson spoke at the May 17 event "Women & Entrepreneurship: The Role of Emerging Technology."

In the next 10 years, women and their businesses will drive the economy.  This was one of the central ideas at the May 17 “Women and Entrepreneurship: The Role of Emerging Technology Panel,” hosted by the International Council for Small Business. Speakers from the public and private sector discussed how women in business and new technologies could play a key role in the world economy.

Panelists included Shelly Porges, senior advisor for the Global Women’s Business Initiative for the U.S. Department of State; Amy Wilkinson, senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Business and Government and public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center; and Ana Recio Harvey, head of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s office of Women’s Business Ownership, SBA.  Nigel Cameron, president and CEO of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, moderated the discussion.

Women in the business world are often constrained by limited access to capitol, according to the panelists.  Less than 40 years ago, a law passed that allowed women to get a loan, without a male co-signer.  Since then, there has been significant progress within the business world for women, but not enough to change the status quo between men and women, they said.  The panelists attributed this to a lack of technical education and resources readily available to women.

Research shows that women invest in their families and communities, and if they were allowed the same amount of access to capitol, it would create six million jobs in five years, according to the panel.  However, without the infrastructure to support them, women cannot gain the skills they need. “What should really help leverage this is to get woman to the table, because they will bring ideas that will benefit the whole,” said Porges.

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