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IBM Leader: Corporate Citizenship Must Be Core Value

IBM's Stan Litow described how the company has made corporate citizenship a high priority.

Innovative corporate citizenship is a necessity for any successful company. That was the message from Stan Litow, IBM’s vice president of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs and president of IBM’s Foundation, who spoke to GWSB students and faculty on April 27.

Litow, who presented “Beyond Responsibility: The Role of Corporate Citizenship in Modern Business” discussed how business, technology and corporate citizenship have evolved at IBM, which is celebrating its centennial this year. He stressed that good corporate citizenship attracts clients, investors, talented employees and can lead to profits.

For Litow, the ability to change rapidly while retaining values and character is one of the main reasons behind IBM’s place as one of the leading corporations in the world. He stressed that corporate responsibility and corporate citizenship should be expected of companies, even through financial hardship. The principles that Litow described, called the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC), were created in October 2004 and have been signed by 25 members, creating a list of high standards for major corporations to follow.

Litow said that during his time at IBM, he is most proud of the World Community Grid, designed to create the world’s largest public computing grid to tackle projects that benefit humanity. This gives resources to researchers who do not have enough funds to support their projects. For Litow, this is an example of finding solutions that benefit people using IBM technology.

Although IBM remains a world leader in research technology and corporate citizenship, he said there is room for improvement and wants to establish more diversity within the company. He also called for more corporate citizenship classes in the core content in business schools.

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