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Grant To Advance Work On Business and Global Governance

John Forrer, associate director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility, will explore how business can successfully participate in global governance networks.

How can organizations tackle pressing global policy issues? This question is at the heart of a new research grant for GWSB’s Institute for Corporate Responsibility.

John Forrer, associate director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility, received a $60,000 grant from the Arsenault Family Foundation for the project entitled “Successful Business Participation in Global Governance Networks.” The Arsenault Family Foundation focuses on funding projects that lead to peace through new or improved governance mechanisms.

The project will identify and explore “best practices” for businesses that want to advance peace through their participation in integrated global governance networks (IGGNs). IGGNs are voluntary, multi-sector organizations that join together to take on governance responsibilities for all or part of some global policy issue. More specifically, the project will study and assess the performance of IGGNs and identify the practices that support success in several aspects of global governance, including the initial formation of IGGNs and their sustainable operations.

The project will identify examples of integrated global governance networks with a reputation for success in several key policy areas, which could include: disease control, sustainable commodities, conflict minerals, water and the environment. Links will be made to how success in each area is connected to the promotion of peace.

“As ‘business and peace’ grows as a framework to inform business strategy and policy discussions, there is a need for comprehensive understanding of alternative models for achieving good global governance and their implications for peace,” Forrer said. The growing number of public-private partnerships, certification regimes, voluntary standards initiatives, and global governance brokers makes for a crowded governance landscape. This makes it even more important for both businesses and the government to have access to research on the success and sustainability of models that have a track record of success.”

The “Successful Business Participation in Global Governance Networks” project lays the foundation for several possible future and related activities. This could include convening a policy summit of experts to review the findings and identify government policies that would encourage the expansion and strengthening of integrated global governance networks.

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