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Getting to Know: Annamaria Lusardi

Name: Annamaria Lusardi

Job title: Denit Trust Professor of Economics and Accountancy.

Recent research project: Financial literacy around the World (FLAT World).

Time at GW: I joined GW this academic year, so I am very new to the School.

Best part of working at GWSB: Being of the center of it all, a few blocks from the US Treasury (I served as an academic adviser for the US Treasury) and the White House and being part of a very international community here at GW.

What co-workers do not know about me: I was one of the leaders of the student movement in my native Italy. I believe my self-confidence and resilience come from that experience back in high school.

Family: Most of my family live in Italy, so I go there as often as I can.

Favorite things to do on the weekend: Running, cooking and going to the opera as often as possible.

Favorite vacation spots: Italy and the South of France.

Favorite book: I am reading Cleopatra, a gift from a friend after he heard about my trip to Cairo, Egypt last November for a conference.


Phone: 202-994-8410

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