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James Bailey Leads New World EMBA Program

The GWSB recently launched its new World Executive MBA program designed to meet the needs of busy professionals who want a customized program that combines real-world experiences and rigorous classroom learning.  The program offers students the flexibility to receive their MBA in 16 months, with opportunities for hands-on residencies in Washington and around the world.  The program’s core curriculum will focus on themes such as ethical leadership, understanding the global economy and mastering business functions.

We recently spoke with James Bailey, Ave Tucker Professorial Fellow of Leadership and director of the World Executive EMBA, about his vision for the program.

Q: What interested you most in taking the helm of the World EMBA program?

Bailey: For the last decade, I’ve designed and delivered executive leadership programs for the likes of Nestle, UBS and even the U.S. Congress.  My teaching at GWSB has been almost exclusively in our EMBA, and my research is focused on executive development.  Taking the helm of the new WEMBA is a natural progression that I’m absolutely thrilled about.

Q: What is it about this program that you believe sets it apart from others?

Bailey: The first is the focus on global, leadership, and ethics.  To quote Burt Bacharach, they’re “what the world needs now.”  The second is the individual leadership development components, including coaching and a business challenge.  Together, these provide a unique value proposition unmatched by other EMBA programs.

Q. What is the most important thing for potential students to know?

Bailey: That it’s not an “EMBA-lite.”  It’s going to be rigorous and demanding, so bring bring your game.  But it’s also going to be enormous fun!

Q. Why are the consulting practicums an important part of the program?

Medical schools have residencies where new MDs translate skills and knowledge developed in the classroom to the real world of practice.  We’re doing the same thing here, only for executives.

Q. What is the significance/importance of students having educational experiences here in Washington, and internationally?

Bailey: There’s no better place to illustrate the crossroads of business, government and society than Washington.  But Washington is just one of many centers of a larger socio-political-cultural landscape.  To grasp these connections, time here and time there is absolutely required.

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