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Panel Examines Political, Economic Reform in Egypt

Salah S. Hassan, chair and professor of marketing, spoke March 19 at “Together for a New Egypt,” a forum hosted at Georgetown University in conjunction with the Middle East & North Africa Forum.  Hassan participated in two panels: “Role of Egyptian-American organizations and the Egyptian Diaspora” and “Transferring Knowledge & Skills to Egypt.”

Under the first panel, Hassan discussed the effects of developing a globally competitive higher education system and fostering stronger alignment with labor market during the current climate of political and economic reform in Egypt. “Traditional higher education, which is prevalent throughout Egypt, leaves graduates poorly equipped with market-driven skills needed for the current knowledge economy” Hassan said. Egypt has experienced increasing rates of unemployment among university graduates, ranging from 11 to 14 percent among males and reached as high as 40 percent among females, Hassan said.

During the second panel, Hassan spoke on rethinking the business development model after the collapse of corrupt government mostly of cabinet ministers from the private sector. “Cabinet ministers of Trade, Tourism, Transportation, Housing, Health, and Media were all entrepreneurs and CEOs of major Egyptian corporations” Hassan said. “For Egypt, this was like dissolving Enron.”  Hassan reported on IBM’s Institute for Business Value survey of 1,500 CEOs worldwide that found that in today’s knowledge economy, CEO’s valued creativity, integrity, and global thinking as the top three traits for to lead successful enterprises. Hassan said that for Egypt, there is compelling evidence to rethink the business creation model and to benchmark against world-class best practices.  “Business as usual will no longer be sustainable in Egypt,” Hassan said.

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