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Undergraduates Connect with Alumni at Links for Life Lunch

Students meet with mentors during the Links for Life lunches.

On February 15th, Duquès Hall was bustling with undergraduate students in their newest suits, ready to network at a luncheon with alumni.  During a three-course meal, dozens of GWSB alumni and current students chatted about professors, internships, D.C. and what it requires to work in a specific industry.

Networking and mentoring are some of the core values of the undergraduate program.  The Links for Life Luncheon, hosted by the GWSB Alumni office every semester, is an opportunity for students to begin building their network, connecting with mentors in the D.C. area and utilizing the skills they learn in the classroom — such as the 30-second “elevator speech” and business etiquette.

It is also an opportunity for GWSB alumni to give back to the university and expand their own business network.

“The luncheon is a great event for our students and alumni to connect over informal conversation,” Leah Kuppersmith, associate director of School Alumni Programs for the Business School, said.  ”It gives students an opportunity to get insight into a career they might be interested in pursuing, and it is an opportunity for alumni to hear about what’s happening in the school today.”

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