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Clinic Explores Intersection of Social Media, Public Sector

GWSB Dean Doug Guthrie gives opening remarks at the L2 Social Graph clinic, held Jan. 20 at the School.

The world is no longer about borders. It’s about connections. That’s what Facebook’s Adam Conner told a packed audience at the Jan. 20 “Social Graph” clinic, hosted by The GW School of Business and L2, a think tank on digital innovation.

Conner, associate manager for privacy and global public policy at Facebook, was one of several speakers from organizations that included NASA, the U.S. Navy and The Nature Conservancy, who spoke about how to make connections through social media’s use in the public sector. He told the audience that social media success meant organizing around people, and that federal agencies should follow suit. The day-long conference was an outgrowth of a partnership with L2 and GWSB, and a recent report from L2 Founder Scott Galloway and GWSB Dean Doug Guthrie on the Digital IQ of public sector institutions.

Throughout the day, experts shared insights on how technology has changed the way people consume information.  More people will be surfing the web on mobile devices than they will on a computer within three years.  For people under the age of 40, nearly half of all media consumption takes place online. Facebook now claims 10 percent of the Internet, nearly outpacing search engines such as Google as the most visited place online.  NASA, which earned the highest ranking of “genius” in the Digital IQ Index, has more than 200 social media accounts, seven apps for mobile phones and a host of other tools to reach the public through social media, according to Stephanie Schierholz, social media manager for NASA.

The bottom line, according to many speakers: engage your audience in a two-way conversation, make those experiences authentic and invest resources in social media.

“Social media is the equivalent of skinny jeans.  Spend on it and it’ll make you look younger,” L2′s Galloway advised.

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