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Creative Leadership

GWSB Dean Doug Guthrie talks about creative leadership and the qualities that make a good leader during the Gulltaggen 2010 conference.

Dean Doug Guthrie on Creative Leadership

Posted by gwsb on January 6, 2011 | Filed under: Dean,Video.

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  1. Excellent speech Dean Guthrie! I have always gotten something positive out each of the “At the Center of It All” messages that I have been able to view. I am choosing this time to write as I was very intrigued by your point regarding “rock star CEOs” and the “dangerous position that having stars has/can put American businesses in”. Do you believe that the same issue is occurring with the President’s of America’s “premier” universities and the Dean’s of those B-schools?
    These individuals are leaders of multi-million dollar organizations with very diverse constituencies. They are also tasked with raising/generating huge sums of revenue and therefore can be seen in multiple venues, publications, etc. on any given day of the week/month. How do individuals such as yourself guard against your very same criticism of the American business community?


    Theron Bean
    GWSB ’12

    Comment by Theron Bean — January 7, 2011 @ 8:11 pm

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