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GWSB Students Study the Real (Green) World



Mark Starik, director of the GW Institute for Sustainability, and students in a Sustainability Management and Policy course attend the Green Festival.

Mark Starik, chair of the Department of Strategic Management & Public Policy (SMPP) and director of the GW Institute for Sustainability, Research, Education and Policy and 28 Accelerated MBA students concluded their SMPP 290.15 Sustainability Management and Policy course by attending the Green Festival, held Oct. 23-24, at the D.C. Convention Center.  The festival, which takes place in more than a half dozen major American cities and draws at least 25,000 attendees to each, features dozens of sustainability-oriented expert speakers and sustainability-oriented business, government, and nonprofit organizations, including GW.

This year, AMBA students had the opportunity to interview members of both of these groups, as well as informally poll a large number of attendees, all with an eye on describing, analyzing and recommending how these individuals and groups could advance sustainability.  “Fortunately, the timing of the course and the festival worked out so that students could receive a wide diversity of sustainability information and insights beyond our classroom,” Starik said. “While the sustainability issues they were studying are definitely serious, the attractive feature of these festivals is that the mood is always one of excitement and positive change, outcomes which we hope are not only educational for our students, but inspirational, as well.”

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