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Students, Faculty Share World Cup Lessons


GW students studied the impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, held June 11-July 11 in South Africa.


Just a few weeks after Spain battled the Netherlands on the soccer pitch, GWSB students and faculty are already hard at work analyzing the economic and social impact of the FIFA World Cup.

Seventeen GWSB students traveled throughout South Africa during the World Cup as part of a course taught by Lisa Delpy Neirotti, associate professor of tourism and sport management.  While in South Africa, students examined the economic impact of the games and studied the ways in which businesses are using sports as a tool for social change. Delpy Neirotti expects to publish results of the research by this fall.

“I think the biggest lesson is that often the intangible benefits can outweigh the cost of organizing a mega-event,” Delpy Neirotti said. “The media typically just look at the cost and do not separate out what was built just for the World Cup and what was needed infrastructure that was finally built because of World Cup.”

To see photos, video and more from the trip, please visit here.

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