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Getting to Know: Philippe Delquié

Philippe Delquie
Name: Philippe Delquié

Job title: Associate Professor of Decision Sciences

Job duties: Research, teaching, mentoring and service to GWSB and academic societies.

Time at GW: About one year.

Best part of working at GWSB: We have great colleagues, great students and a great location.

What co-workers do not know about me: Some of my friends back in France like to get together and play classic rock (The Who, Deep Purple, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc.) and they enrolled me as their lead singer!

Family: Married, three children (Vincent, 20, Sophie, 15, and Joséphine, 5) and two stepdaughters (Marie, 15, and Amber, 13).

Favorite things to do on the weekend: Take a nap on Saturday afternoon, if I can. Be outdoors. (An outdoor nap is also good!)

Favorite vacation spots: Corsica, the Pyrénées mountains, and probably a few other places if I thought more about it.

Favorite book/authors: Guy de Maupassant (several novels and short stories); Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles; also Pierre Boulle’s Planet of the Apes, as often, the original book is more interesting and mind-bending than the screen adaptations that followed; Alphonse Daudet’s Letters from My Mill.


Phone: 202 994-7512

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