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Conference Focuses on Roles of Religion, Peace and Business

Tim Fort addresses the audience during a conference that explored connections between religion, peace and business.

Can business play a role in creating a peaceful society? That’s what participants explored during a June 24-25 conference hosted by the Institute for Corporate Responsibility. Tim Fort, interim director of the institute and Lindner-Gambal Professor of Business Ethics, hosted the 12th in a series of conferences on how businesses can contribute to the creation of peaceful societies.  The most recent workshops have focused on religion as a catalyst for positive change toward more responsible business practices and more peaceful societies.

The June discussion centered on spiritual traditions rooted in Asia. Last fall, the focus was on these issues within the context of the Abrahamic traditions. During this year’s workshop, participants began a networking process and explored new ideas for empirical and conceptual research for publications in 2011.

Panelists included Rev. David Lowry, director of the Center of Peace and Reconciliation at the Desmond Tutu Center, Susan Heyward of the United States Institute of Peace, Michael Jarvis of the World Bank Institute and Kishor Trivedi of Duke University. Other event highlights included a live videoconference session with Yamashita Shinji and Yasunobu Sato of Tokyo University aimed at bringing together different points of view from across the globe.

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